Pine Mountain Formulas

This product line has been developed by S. Dharmananda and has been available in Europe since 1996. These are replacements for popular patent remedies, and resolve the problems inherent in most imported patents such as concerns about inclusion of undesired ingredients (e.g., drugs, heavy metals, endangered species, toxic herbs) or improper labeling (e.g., incomplete ingredients list, mislabeled herbs).

Pine Mountain herb tablets are prepared from either extracted herbs or powdered herbs or a combination of the two. The herb materials, obtained from China, are compressed into tablets of 525 mg each. The tablet coatings, made of modified cellulose, are colored with natural colors to yield white, yellow, or red tablets.

The formulas are available to licensed health care providers who are already educated in the field of traditional Chinese herbology for prescription to their patients. The formulas are not intended for use during pregnancy or by children under 12 years.

The Pine Mountain formulas are produced and distributed as supplements, their effectiveness in the treatment or prevention of disease is not proven. Possible directions for use are based on the use within the Chinese tradition and recent clinical evaluations. For the proper selection of a Chinese herbal formula it is best to consult a specialist in this field. 

Available formulas

Packed in bottles with 125 Tablets of 63 mg  

Pine Mountain products are only available with referral by a qualified practitioner. 

ASTRAGALUS EXTRACT Astragalus Extract Tablets                € 32,00
BA ZHEN WAN Angelica-Codonopsis Formula                          € 27,00
BAO HE WAN Craraegus & Shen chu Formula                           € 27,00
BI YAN PIAN Magnolia Flower & Xanthium Formula                 € 27,00
BU NAO WAN Schizandra-Zizyphus Formula                             € 27,00
BU ZHONG YI QI WAN Ginseng & Astragalus Formula             € 27,00
CORDYCEPS TABLETS Cordyceps-Eleuthero-Rhodiola            € 42,00
DAN SHEN PIAN Salvia Extract Tablets                                       € 32,00
DANG GUI PIAN Tang kuei Extract + Cyperus & Cnidium         € 27,00
ER CHEN WAN Citrus-Pinellia Formula                                        € 27,00
GUI PI WAN Ginseng-Longan Formula                                         € 27,00
HUA ZHI LING San-chi & Sanguisorba Formula                         € 32,00
HUO XIANG ZHENG QI PIAN Pogestemon & Perilla F.              € 27,00
JIN GUI SHEN QI WAN Rehmannia Eight Formula                    € 27,00
KANG MING PIAN Chrysanth & Ginger Form (Pill Curing)        € 27,00
LIU WEI DI HUANG WAN Rehmannia Six Formula                     € 27,00
LONG DAN XIE GAN WAN Gentiana-Chrysanthemum F.          € 27,00

MING MU DI HUANG WAN Rehmannia-Lycium Formula               € 27,00 
PING CHUAN PIAN Apricot & Morus Formula                                  € 27,00 
Qi YE PIAN Schefflera & Acanthopanax Extracts                             € 32,00 
QIAN JIN ZHI DAI WAN Indigo & Sepia Formula                              € 2700 
QING QI HUA TAN WAN Arisaema & Trichosanthes Formula       € 27,00 REN SHEN FENG WANG PIAN Ginseng & Royal Jelly F.                 € 32,00 
SHENG FA WAN Ho-shou-wu & Rehmannia Formula                     € 32,00 
SHU GAN WAN Cyperus-Corydalis Formula                                     € 27,00 
TIAN MA GOU TENG PIAN Gastrodia & Uncaria Formula              € 32,00 
TIAN WANG BU XIN DAN Rehmannia & Biota Formula                  € 27,00 
TIEN-CHI GINSENG TABLETS Panax notoginseng Tablet             € 43,00 
XIANG SHA JUN ZI WAN Ginseng-Saussurea FormulaEuro         € 27,00 XIAO YAO WAN Bupleurum & Tang-kuei Formula                           € 27,00 
YAO TONG PIAN Eucommia & psoralea Formula                           € 27,00 
YIN QIAO JIE DU PIAN Lonicera & Forsythia Formula                    € 27,00 
ZHI BAI DI HUANG WAN Anemarrhena-Phellodendron F.              € 27,00